Thursday, 18 August 2022


Mapping systems in Thailand struggle with precise locations for addresses. solves this with our extensive and growing coverage of residential and business addresses throughout Thailand.

Supporting delivery, transport & on-site services

Any business that needs to visit their customers homes will benefit from

Food delivery, couriers, taxis, goods delivery all need to locate clients homes on a daily basis and reducing time and miles bring considerable cost savings.

Service providers who work at clients homes benefit with locating new addresses too, such as builders, tutors and masseuses.

Simplify deliveries and home services

In the last month, have you spent time on the phone with a driver trying to find your house or building? Of course you have!

You can reduce these calls by verifying your address on our platform, which will then be provided to the drivers who are making your delivery.

Verification is free, safe and secure - connect your address today and enjoy easier deliver tomorrow.